Participation in community, social and civic activities in Perth, Adelaide, Townsville & Brisbane

We help create a community that is inclusive and understanding for people with disabilities.

Disability Accommodation Perth for NDIS Participants

Ahanacare has NDIS houses in Perth available for NDIS participants. Contact us for NDIS housing Perth

NDIS Social and Community Participation

At Ahanacare, we support individuals with disabilities to form stronger connections to their local community. This includes providing some support to participate in social, recreational and educational activities, as well as strategies to meet new people. We can also help people learn how to travel independently, or aid them with mobility and equipment to better access their local community independently.

We contribute to the development of a community that is welcoming and understanding of people with special needs. To accomplish this, our team organises a variety of socialisation opportunities for our participants. They can choose to participate in self-development group classes, sports, art classes, and other community-based recreational activities.

Our Support

Connecting with others is an important and enriching aspect of our lives. This can be difficult for some people, so we help disabled people by providing them with opportunities to socialise with others and improve their written and verbal social skills. Individuals can improve their communication skills by spending time with other people in a patient, open, and respectful environment.

No matter your needs, we support you to: